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Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10

I almost hate to post this photo, because it bumps the golden pond photo, and I'm still really in love with that one.  I took this out at the Yolo Basin this morning.  The otters showed up there a few days ago.  I saw them yesterday but didn't have my camera, so of course when I went back today with my camera I didn't find them!  This means many trips out there in future days because I really want a photo of them.  I do like today's photo though.  The light was really nice, and I like all the shades on the foreground tule.  This was the best angle I got for a red-winged blackbird.  Interesting that they don't have a yellow stripe here.  Also that there call is different from what I was hearing last year in Washington.

One issue I have with this photo is the extent to which the background is blurred.  That in combination with the lighting on the foreground makes the photo look a little too I'm looking at it through cheap 3D glasses.  Usually I like a blurred background on a photo like this, but not so much here.

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