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Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10

 So this is a pretty amazing photo to me, and I'm posting it today even though I took it last week at South Yuba State Park.  Same day as the valley oaks photo, and in fact not far from that spot.  I LOVE photographing birds, and I was very excited because I had never seen this kind of woodpecker before.  And intially I thought all the acorns were put in the tree by squirrels.  But as it turns out, this is an acorn woodpecker, and he drills these holes to store acorns!  The tree is called a granary.  As the acorns dry out and shrink in size, he has to move the acorns to smaller holes.  Evidently this is very time-consuming.  Luckily he's living in a canyon covered in valley oaks, so acorns are plentiful.  This is just so cool to me!  I'm really happy I saw this scene and had a chance to get a photo!  f3/5 at 1/250, ISO125, 200mm.

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---Eric--- said...

Wow, Animal's are just so cool. I wonder why this species started drying acorns over just drilling bugs out of trees.