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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wilson River in the Rain

This bend in the Wilson River is a favorite stop for local fishermen.  We spotted them casting along the bank on our drive back from Tillamook a few weeks ago.  I photographed the river then, but wasn't happy with how my photos turned out, so this morning I decided to head back and try again.  The early weather forecast was not entirely accurate though; I was counting on the rain easing up, but it was coming down pretty hard when I arrived.  I keep a large umbrella, rain boots, etc. in the car, so I was prepared to hang out in the rain with the die hard fisherman (there were four this morning).  Today's photo is not what I was envisioning, but I do like the rain-swollen river.  In my previous attempt there were lots of rocks visible throughout the river, so this one is simpler and more focused. 


barbara judge said...

Melissa -- Don't you just love the rushing nature of a river in a hard rain. I haven't been down to our Siuslaw River yet but I bet it is white water out there. You are a hardy soul to not only drive back to Tillamook in a downpour but to stand on the Wilson bank with your umbrella taking this nice shot. We have had a downpour going on here for two days. But I love the peaceful feeling within my cozy home on days like these. thanks -- barbara

TexWisGirl said...

i like the milky waters and the mossy trees!

Hilde said...

nice atmosphere you created here!
well done Melissa!

Linda W. said...

Wonderful shot! Some of my best photos have been taken on rainy days.

stardust said...

I’d like to take pictures on a rainy day as the result would be atmospheric like your photo here, but how to protect my camera from rain is something I must think about. You did it a really good work with slow shutter in such a low light in the rain.