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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Battle Ground Lake

I've been curious to visit Battle Ground Lake State Park for several years now, but really got interested in it after this summer, when I learned that it is a much smaller version of Crater Lake in southern Oregon.  A lake in a collapsed volcanic caldera.  I finally got there today and walked the perimeter of the lake with Clover and friends.  I have to say, what a little gem of a lake! A beautiful walk along the lower trail, which did have its obstacles.  There is also an upper trail, which I imagine being wider and flatter along the upper perimeter of the caldera.  Definitely going back here again!
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Giga said...

Return there necessarily, because the place is beautiful and wonderful image. Regards

Linda W. said...

I've never heard of this lake. Now I must visit!

Nicol Carm said...

Wonderful picture and reflections!

Jim said...

Beautiful reflection.
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