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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Road Less Traveled

View to the other side of the road from last week's post.  I'm getting a little behind on the blog, between finishing up the calendar and getting my garden planted.  I've got a little backlog of photos though, so hope I can catch up on posting this week and next.  As far as the photo, I was in Trout Lake looking for a particular herb farm that I visited earlier this spring.  I remembered it was on Glenwood Rd., and when I saw the sign for BZ-Glenwood Hwy I thought that was it.  Multiple times I felt like I was on a new road, and yet I kept going because I was just sure Glenwood was right.  After a while I was quite sure I'd made a wrong turn, but it was just so pretty that I continued down the road and decided to visit the herb farm on my next visit (which will be on Friday). All these yellow flowers, plus the camas growing along the edge of the road, line an area signed Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge. We didn't plan for a trip through a wildlife refuge, and our dog Clover was in the car.  So I'm thinking that if I have time, I'll visit the herb farm and check out the refuge when I'm back in Trout Lake later this week. 


Gin G said...

Beautiful find Melissa. I love those lost road photos. Such diversity there. One of the nice things about moving around the country is that you get to know the details of the place.

Linda W. said...

Wow, that field is gorgeous!

stardust said...

I feel familiar to this landscape, which reminded me of the yellow carpets of rapeseed blossoms and surrounding layers of the mountains in the countryside of my country.


barbara judge said...

Lovely catch! -- barbara