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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Wildflower Season

Bachelor's Buttons are blooming all over the gorge right now.  I visited Catherine Creek a week or so ago, and the fields were full of flowers. Plus, from the looks of this photo, many more on the way.  In between the photo shoot and my finally getting around to looking at the images I visited family in Nashville.  Looking at all the photos this morning makes me feel like I should hurry back out there for another walk early this week.  The blooming starts at the lower elevations by the Columbia River, and continues up in elevation over the course of the spring and summer.  Lower elevation walks are the easiest...otherwise there is a long drive involved or a difficult hike with elevation change. 


Spare Parts and Pics said...

That's a beautiful shot! I like the shallow depth of field and nicely blurred background and foreground.

Linda W. said...

Beautiful! I love bachelor's buttons.

Alica said...

So, so pretty!