Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ~Pablo Picasso

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I walk past this property every day with Clover.  An old abandoned house and barn on a beautiful lot. The house has all the stickers usually associated with a foreclosure, but nothing has ever come of it, which seems strange to me, because it's a good location and nice sized lot. I suppose it's the added cost of removing the rundown old home. The driveway is lined with overgrown apple trees, but they are quite healthy and produce and abundance of apples each year.  Earlier this year I saw a lady park in the drive and get out with a laundry basket to collect the apples.  I've considered doing something similar myself, but I think I missed my chance for this year.  Unfortunately the old barn got some graffiti a few weeks ago, the emperor Zorg from Buzz Lightyear; an unlikely graffiti subject! So for the time being, Zorg will watch over this property too, and see if anyone buys it and fixes it up. 


barbara judge said...

Like your story of the foraging woman and the basket. More folks should do this -- for many reasons -- especially if the trees are old and have not been attended to. These trees usually don't have pesticide residues. Like the contrast between the trees and the cartoon guy -- barbara

Felicia said...

sad....hate to see abandoned homesteads.