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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Daffodils and Snow Geese

This past weekend was our annual Skagit Valley Easter trip. It was an early Easter this year, but luckily an early spring as well. The daffodil fields were just passing their prime, and the snow geese were still in the area. A huge flock can (sort of) be seen at the center horizon line. They could certainly be heard! We chased after them for a closer view, but couldn't find their location. The elusive snow geese! Photography was a little rough overall on this day; I was happy to have the morning clouds clear a bit, but the sun was blindingly bright. Guess I forgot how to photograph in sunshine after our long, gray winter! :/ Ok, no complaint though. The sunshine was awesome!!!


Linda W. said...

Lovely daffodil field! In answer to your Eagle Creek trail question - the rock ledges aren't bad to navigate. And the cable handrails do help. But, this trail is closed just beyond Punchbowl Falls (about 2 miles in). As I mentioned in my blog post, a large tree fell on one of the bridges back in December, and the trail is impassible beyond that point (although some folks have been bushwacking through the creek, I wouldn't recommend it)

Rose said...

If I could paint, I would be asking permission to paint this! Love the entire scene, but that sky just makes the shot somehow for me.