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Monday, March 21, 2016

Layer Cake Bluffs

Finally a break in the weather!  We had some sunshine over the weekend, and actually had already planned a trip to Goldendale just to get on the sunny side of the gorge.  On our way back, we stopped for a hike at the old Lyle Cherry Orchard trail.  No orchard visible here, although I read there are some old cherry trees at the top of the trail.  We only made it part way up because we didn't allow enough time to do the entire trail.  We got through the steepest climb, and the part way up the remainder of the climb along the plateau, which my guide book called the "Layer-Cake Bluffs".  Pretty view, with the grass greening up a bit, and the powdered sugar clouds covering the sky.


Giga said...

It was worth the climb. The views are beautiful and blue sky with nice clouds. Regards.

wilga02 said...

Fantastic photo! And this blue sky... :)

Linda W. said...

Interesting rocks! The Lyle Cherry Orchards is one place I've yet to visit.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Great capture. Looks like a wonderful place to wander.
Was thinking of going east, just to see the sun.