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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Circles in the Sand

Here's the overhead view of the sand labyrinth in Bandon, Oregon that I blogged about yesterday.  When I got to the beach in Bandon early Friday morning I had to make the classic beach choice, walk to the right or the left.  I picked left because it was still very overcast early in the morning, and the light was better to the left (photographer criterion) even though the rocks did look more interesting to the right.  I think the labyrinth was probably under construction when I started my walk, because it would have been just before low tide.  And the labyrinth was, of course, to the right.  So it goes.  I would have loved to see the construction.  Still, it was really such a fun surprise to happen upon later in the morning when I made my way to this side of the beach.  One update I want to make from yesterday's post though.  I said that they create a labyrinth everyday, but that's not correct.  Sand conditions have to be right, and there might be other factors that determine dates as well, perhaps low tide timing.  So today, I'm including a link to the same website, but this time to the schedule page.  The next labyrinth constructions are scheduled for August 5th and 6th. 


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

That's rather wonderful from that angle, a thing of beauty.

barbara judge said...

Melissa -- I like that the photos you have posted over the last two days show a low number of folks walking the labyrinths. If the big tourist crowds that frequent the coast were to populate this beach area it would spoil the quiet ambiance you show in your photos. -- barbara

Lady Fi said...

So gorgeous!