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Monday, August 7, 2017

Out Standing in My Field

Ok, so it's not my field ... and yes, it's an awful pun ...
but it is the field that drew us up to the San Juan Islands last month.
That's because I'm the trip planner at my house, and I happen to love lavender.
I don't have a field. I have a tiny hedgerow along my driveway.'s more potential than hedgerow.  
And I wanted to make sure I was shaping it up just right. 
So that it can grow up to be a hedgerow someday.
Mid-July was the Lavender Festival at Pelindaba Lavender in Friday Harbor.
As far as festivals go, it has a lot to learn! You need more than a bunch of craft booths and a band. 
I wanted to see a demonstration on extracting lavender oil, but we missed that, 
so all in all it was kind of a bust. Other than it smelled wonderful! 
And Bill got some lavender ice cream.
The photography was so so because it was hot and bright and the whole island is one big ball of glare, so photography after 8am and before 6pm is almost a waste of time. 
And we were glamping which was really fun, so I wasn't inclined to get up early with my camera ...
 the draw of fresh coffee on a camp stove! 
But we did get to visit the San Juans in July which wouldn't have happened otherwise!  


Linda W. said...

Beautiful field of purple! I love the San Juans. Haven't been there in years though. Time to plan a trip, I see.

Giga said...

Wonderful lavender field. I also like her and I have a tiny lavender field in the garden. I greet and thank you for the good thoughts about my surgery.

monique carnat said...

Beautiful field of lavender, in front of the door here a large pot planted with lavender that I just picked because the flowers losts their colours * to parfume the house :)

Sketchbook Wandering said...

how totally wonderful, what a great vacation you had!!