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Monday, July 26, 2010

June 26

When it comes to photos here I feel like a fish out of water. And that's almost literal, because when I didn't know what to photograph in Olympia I could always count on a water scene. Here it's fields in every direction. So I'm adjusting. I don't know what is planted in this field; it looks likes weeds but that's not the case. I've got a lot to learn about things here.

This would have been an awesome shot five minutes earlier...I was just pulling out of the parking lot in Target and saw the sun setting. This is looking east toward Sacramento. The city and the field were both glowing just minutes before, but it took me too long to set up. I like that you can see the Delta Breeze on some of the plants in the foreground. Expect to see a shot similar to this in the near future...I plan to try this photo again in the just-before-sunset glow.

f/22, 2.2sec, 18mm, vivid, WBsunny

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