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Monday, June 27, 2011

June 26

Question: Peaking at almost 4000 ft, why did we drive to the top of Mt. Diablo?  To see the other side?  We drive to Doug and Cora's coming down 680 from the north, so here is the view of 680 leading south toward San Jose.  To see the view from the top?  Clearly hazy... but it did make for a nice vista shot.  I like the road leading into the photo, and wish I'd positioned slightly to the left so you could see it trailing off toward the distant peak (will update later with its name), but this was the shot with the deepest tones so I went with it.  I think it's underexposed by about three stops and I wish I would have tried underexposing even more!  We passed many cyclists making their way up the winding path.  It was an easy climb in the car.  I'm glad we went to the top though, because we can see this mountain all the time in the distance from our town.  Thanks Doug and Cora!

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