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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29

We took a little detour driving to Antioch today, and ended up winding through the Montazuma wind farm.  It was the crystal clear air and clouds that drew me astray.  The clouds and the windmills of course.  I photographed plenty of windwills and clouds, but in the end it was a photo of this little old dinosaur of a windmill that I ended up liking best.  You can see just a few of the hundreds of modern windmills peeking over the hills.  But this little guy has such nice contast...and character!  It's a great place for a wind farm; near the delta coming from the bay, it's a breezy spot.  You don't live here long without loving the delta breeze in the summer!  I could have driven around and photographed here all day today, but for my son complaining from the back seat (after all, it was his errand we were on.)  Still I never would have driven to Antioch without him, and I'm so glad we made the drive on such a photo friendly day! And that I remembered my camera!  I used to complain about photographing here in California where it's blindingly sunny all the time.  But I'm adapting, I think.  I love that I can fill all the pixels in a photo like this.

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Melissa said...

Just an update on this photo. I purchased some forever stamps titled "1861 Kansas" that look just like this old windmill against a bright blue sky with clouds, yellow prairie grass, and modern white windmills in the background. Maybe I'll scan the stamp and include it. I was blown away by the similiarity!