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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Foxtail Flat

The west shore of Lake Berryessa has so many inlets, and they all seem to have their own name.  I think Foxtail Flat must be the name of the promontory though.  I imagine it looks like a fox tail from above.  The tip of Berryessa is only about a half hour from my house, but getting to the west shore involves a roundabout path, so it actually takes an hour to get here, and I barely made it before the sun came up.  As I drove in, I was checking out the scene, and I thought I would photograph a little island with a tree on it.  But after I parked it was nowhere to be seen.  Turns out it was the next inlet over.  I'm glad I didn't find it though because it probably would have been very cliche, and I like the organic shape of the fox tail. 

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brattcat said...

strinkingly dramatic composition. well done, melissa.