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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Regatta

There were eleven entries in this year's Pumpkin Regatta at the Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival.  It's tricky to stay afloat though, and at least two pumpkins capsized or sunk.  Pumpkin number 3 was skippered by "Fearless Dave".  He got out to an early lead, and seemed to have a pretty steady pumpkin shape, so he managed to keep his lead and go on to take the 2012 Pumpkin Regatta title.


caregiver/Gin said...

This is killing me! So warm, sleeveless in the water! Great shot.

Eric Leady said...

Wow! I really like the expression on the guys face! It's like a mixture of determination to win and the discomfort of sitting in/ trying to navigate a pumpkin. And this is a very well captured action shot! Look at the spray of water. even the droplets above his head.

I want to say that if you want to take the time to look back a year Pumpkin Regatta 2011 you are seriously seriously improving. I think you captured the whole event better in just this one photo than you did with two photos a year ago. (It's also just a prettier photo)

Melissa said...

Ginger, it's "cooling off" here. Only in the mid-70s this week :)

Eric, thanks! I'm really happy with it as an action shot. One thing I learned was where is the best spot to sit for photos.