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Monday, October 1, 2012

Pampas Grass

We saw this grass growing along the roadside all the way up Highway 1 from where we cut in at Bodega Bay to where we turned inland north of Fort Bragg.  I was thinking the whole way along that I should stop and photograph it, but we were trying to make good time too.  I finally stopped just before we headed inland, and photographed at this Pacific coastline overlook.  It was ridiculously windy, so I had to shoot at my fastest shutter speed 1/4000.  I should have stopped sooner when the wind wasn't so strong.  Also the grass had a reddish color further south, which I did want to get in the photo.  I think this will probably be my final photo in my travel series.  Too bad.  It was such a fun trip, and I've had fun reliving it on the blog this past week.  But I've had a good chance to get caught up on things at home, and to get caught up on rest, so tomorrow will be a good day to head back out with my camera!  :)

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caregiver/Gin said...

I love this shot. I cannot even understand all of these shutter speeds. I guess if I had the time to take a class and really concentrate on it I could. I will just have to stick with the automatic digital. I love this Pacific Ocean series, Melissa.