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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Return of the Green Heron

Residents around West Davis Pond can rest easier tonight.  Our local super hero, the Green Heron, has returned for another year!  There are so many things I love about this bird.  For one, his ability to take so many different shapes, and to wear so many different outlandish hairdos.  I love his fearlessness.  When the Wood Ducks fled, our hero alighted to a nearby tree, and struck his typical Zen pose.  He has a knack for picking particularly photo-friendly trees.  Alas, all super heroes have their weakness, and the Green Heron is no exception.  He has a weakness for positioning himself behind a branch when a camera is near.  I managed three blog posts about him last winter, and I hope to double that this year. 
It's a's a wait, it's a bird!  


Ken Mac said...

gorgeous photo

Anonymous said...

I love the Green Heron! The fog is beautiful here.