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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things that bloom in December, Part 2

I've had my eye on this red hot poker plant all week, photographing it every morning.  I "discovered" it last January, and posted a photo of it in really amazing light. I never found light like that this week, but at least this photo shows the plant in full bloom; in the January photo the plant was definitely past its prime!  The color on the plant is so intense.  I'm really amazed that I never noticed it before last winter!  It's a winter only plant; during the summer months it just looks like a boring clump of tall grass.  Definitely a December beauty!


caregiver/Gin said...

Beautiful shot. I first discovered these in Redding, where the weather is dry and hot. I planted one at the base of my waterfall koi pond. It never failed to delight me day by day as it "opens". Merry Christmas to all of you! Gin

Lynette said...

Vivid beauty, for sure, Melissa. I like the one from Saturday, too. Mallow, what a word to have as the meaning for a pretty blossom and sun-lighted leaves.