Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ~Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Change of Color

It was back out to Alameda and Contra Costa Counties yesterday. I'm surprised by how quickly the hills are changing out here, especially the south-facing slopes.  I do have some photos I'll be posting that are still very green, but we're in the process of changing from our green season to the brown that we'll have until next winter.  This in between color is pretty, I think.  I did use my polarizer on this shot, which gives the pretty blue.  I was playing around with converting this shot to black and white, but there's an ugly film that shows up in the sky which I'm sure is from my polarizer.  I'm hoping the filter just needed a cleaning, but I'm worried that it's a problem with the polarizer.  It seemed to be working fine yesterday, but sometimes I feel like it can give a color cast to my photos and not polarize all that much compared to the polarizer I have for my smaller lens.  I'll have to research this.  Maybe I need a new filter.  In this shot I liked those two little clouds for eyes.  And the fence line makes a wry smile.  Just the kind of animated scene I like.

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