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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Posting another of my Lake Michigan photos, just because it's still pretty busy around here.  Things are mostly unpacked, but not that organized...hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll be almost done!  As for the photo, the sandbar is one of several that were right near the shoreline this year.  We went out early on a few mornings to do some crinoid-hunting.  This gravelly rock is usually kicked up onto the beach after a big storm, and that's the perfect time to find crinoids.  I probably found around 30 or so during this visit.


Gin G said...

I got distracted by your sunflowers and had to post them on my page. You are such a busy woman! This is a lovely sandbar but what are crinoid?


Your photos are delicious. Lake Michigan ones are especially fascinating to me as I was raised in Michigan. Can't figure out where you live as you have quite an array of mentions on your post. Enjoyed your great photos -- barbara