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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

Well, here is the photo of the grist mill I promised.  The light was not that great today either, but I decided to post it anyway, and maybe include a better shot at a later date.  Mainly because I've hardly been posting anything lately.  Whatever this tree in the foreground is, the leaves would probably have been a pretty yellow last week before our heavy rains, but today, all the leaves were covered in big brown spots.  Combined with all the moss that covers bark and rock here, it makes for an interesting color combination!  There's an easy clear shot of the mill, but the colors were really washed out from that angle, so I opted to go with this messier foreground just because it was a more interesting scene with the leaves backlit in this light.  I think it brightened the scene up quite a bit.

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