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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15

This is the same field of blue camas flowers as my May 12th photo but this time I shot with my wide angle lens. This is also much earlier in the morning. That is the old Delphi School in the background. I think that having the school in the background puts the field in context. The photo has an early morning feel to it with the low backlighting and dew-covered flowers. I'd like to try this shot again later in the day when the sun is behind me. Also I wish I'd tried shooting in cloudy because the building looks a little blue. By the way, I photographed the May 12th twin flowers again, and they have continued to develop identically. f/22, 1/5, 18mm.

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Becky Inman-Miller said...

i think this would be beautiful, framed on the wall.