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Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29

Today we went to the Rocky Brook Falls on the Dosewallips River just north of Brinnen along the Hood Canal. The falls were really spectacular, dropping over 100 feet and fanning out at the base. The problem was that the trail let out right at the base of the falls so it was hard to get a good photo, plus the water was misting all over my camera lens. So I ended up having more success photographing the rapids at the base of the falls. The water coming out of the Olympic Mountains is so clear it's aqua blue. You can see that a little in the photo. Also the rocks had a little reddish tint, so it turned out to be a more colorful photo than I was imagining. Using the vivid setting also gave a deeper rock color to the rocks that the water was washing over. One thing that really bugs me is a small water spot on my lens; it's in the lower center. I kept drying off my lens while we were here, but I missed this one.
f/29, 3.0sec, 31mm, picture style more vivid.

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