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Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16

We went to the Ugly Pumpkin event today at our CSA, Eatwell Farms.  Afterwards we got a tour of the farm.  These green bands of winter vegetables probably made for my most interesting photo today.  I think maybe it would have been a better photo taken later in the day, but we were there at noon, so I think the light is kind of harsh.  The different textures are nice though.  Strawberries in the front, then fennel.  After that I'm not so sure until the top of the photo, but maybe collards, lettuce, and kale.  The top two are definitely leeks and kohlrabi.  It's like the green section in a Crayola 96 box!  f/11 at 1/200, ISO250, 145mm.

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