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Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18

We took a trip to Bale Grist Mill State Park today.  And I forgot the little piece that connects my camera to my tripod, so my indoor photo options were limited.  As I understand it, before electricity they wouldn't light mills because the flour dust was a fire hazard, so it seems like they would have had more windows.  Anyway, bright sun was coming in this window, so I played around here with my camera for a few minutes.  Although the best thing about going to a grist mill is definitely the freshly ground flour!  If you haven't had it, I would really recommend it.  We'll be having pancakes at our house all week!


Steve Gravano said...

Grist mills were not a popular thing there on Long Island. I'll have to make do with Bob's Red Mill from the store. I love the way the light made an outline of the window, very interesting photo.
My quick release piece is small so I leave them on the camera or lens. Saves time and I don't loose them.

píxeles y neuronas said...

Very nice, good B&W.