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Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25

All of a sudden this month I've seen so many flocks of turkeys. Why are they out and about all of a sudden?  I guess it's mating season.  Did they go somewhere else for the winter though?   I was very interesting in finding a turkey photo around Thanksgiving time last year, but I had no luck with that. They had made themselves scarce for sure.  We stopped to photograph two different groups of turkeys on our way home from the Sacramento Airport today.  On the other side of the road were more of this same flock, including one Tom with a huge tail fan.  But the photography was really hazy in that direction.  On this side there were about ten turkeys on this fence.  These two just happened to pose with the prettiest background.


Lynette said...

Stopping to photograph turkeys on the way home from the airport! I love it! And I really, really like yesterday's photo, too.

Thanks for stopping by Portland Oregon Daily Photo. It's great to know that the video worked since it's my first one to put on YouTube!

Steve Gravano said...

It's rare to a turkey around there parts... except for on a plate, the poultry section of a supermarket or a zoo. Nice!