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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20

Yes I photographed another California poppy today.  Here's the story behind all the poppy photos:  Last week I was walking Clover, and when I got to the flower garden near the pond I saw a cute little ladybug on a purple flower.  But I was still walking with my 80-200 zoom lens, which I had been using all winter, and I couldn't get the shot with that.  So I almost ran home with Clover, and drove back with my small lens and macro filter. Of course the ladybug had moved during that time.  So I photographed the poppy instead.  And that was March 10th, which was my first poppy post.  Everyday since then, when I get ready to walk Clover, I think about which lens I should use, and I decide on the 50mm prime lens with macro filter...just in case I see the ladybug :)  I'm not kidding here either.  But of course I don't see the ladybug on the purple flower, so I end up with another California Poppy photo instead.  That's how it's happening.  I've got to get that ladybug image out of my head!

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Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Melissa, now I love that story, something I might have done. Which lens? I mean what if you got there without the small lens + macro filter... and the ladybug was there!? Let us know when she shows up.