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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Sunbow!

Just a tiny little section of sunbow this time.  But luckily I had my 80-200 lens on so I was able to zoom in for a close up.  I photographed a sunbow in April but it was a wide angle shot, and also the sun was to my back when I was photographing.  This time I'm shooting in the direction of the setting sun.  I really don't like the cloud color here.  I think it happened because the cloud is backlit.  I tried adjusting this but then I got a really strange  blue sky, so I decided it was better this way.  I guess maybe it has a warm sunset look to it. 


Debs said...

What an absolutely beautiful photo! I've not heard of sunbows before. You take wonderful photos. :)

píxeles y neuronas said...

Really nice, Melissa.

Anonymous said...


loved your blog! i will follow.