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Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse Shadows, Son and Suns

Well I'm a day behind on blogs because I posted the stars photo after midnight yesterday, but yesterday during the day we drove up to Chico for a good view of the annular solar eclipse.  Right now the moon is at its farthest point from the earth (on the same cycle as the super moon a few weeks ago) so during the full eclipse the moon was only covering 94% of the sun, creating a "ring of fire".   I read that it was visible from China to Texas, and around here it was best viewed starting at the Oregon California border, down thru Reno.

We were lucky to get two pairs of solar viewing glasses, which look like the old 3D glasses except where the red and blue cellophane were they have aluminized mylar.  So it was neat to see.  We parked in the shade, and after the full eclipse was over I noticed the eclipse pattern filtering thru the trees, so we decided to photograph it that way.  (The shadow is my son who is also photographing).  Wish I would have looked down during the full eclipse because I bet there would have been little rings instead of crescents!


caregiver said...

Very nice shot. You were so lucky to get the eclipse! My kids got to see it too. I could not even see the moon last night. I have a thing with shadows...I am working on tomorrow's blog. I have all the photos but wanted to take the time to do some decent writing with them. We will see. I love that you have captured your son for history!

Lynette said...

Way cool! Such a unique image. Thanks!