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Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden Salad

These are the ingredients of my first garden salad of the season!  Early Girl tomatoes, Hungarian peppers, sweet basil, Japanese basil, and Thai basil.  All grown in my little backyard garden.  The olive oil was from an olive festival that we went to up in Kelseyville.  And I should have included the garlic which was from the Co-op; I've never grown garlic, but maybe I'll try that this year.  And of course I don't grow and press my own olive oil, although I bet that would be fun to try too.  Anyway, the salad was absolutely delicious, and just the first of many garden fresh salads this summer!!!


caregiver said...

Great looking vegetables Melissa. I think that photographing food class taught you a few lovely tricks, but you grew these beauties. Happy you are my creative friend.
As far as olive have all those lovely olive tree gardens not far away at all up North. Garlic is on my list to try as well. A photo work purchasing here! gin

Debs said...

This photo makes me long for summer produce.....