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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Waiter's Race

Ok, this was a fun event!  Also for Bastille Day, if you can believe it.  It was the second annual waiter's race in midtown Sacramento last night.  There were about 50 waiters representing area restaurants, and they had to pour Perrier water into two water goblets and race around the block.  I thought this would be a short one block race, but actually they had to round all four corners of a block, twice!  There were judges along the way who would disqualify them for steadying glasses with a second hand, or having both feet off the ground at the same time (it was a fast walking race), etc.  I pretty much viewed this event through my camera lens, so I didn't actually see any spills, but I could hear them; there was also a guy who walked the route with a broom and dust pan! 


Doug Hickok said...

Amazing waitering skills and a fantastic capture Melissa!

This is Belgium said...

great picture !! and perfect for the occasion

Matt said...

Nice display of movement in your photo.