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Sunday, July 29, 2012

View from the Ferris Wheel

Well today is the final day for the California State Fair, and last night I finally rode the big ferris wheel, so here is a view of most of the midway.  There are four ferris wheels: two in this photo, the one I'm on, and another one that is off to the right out of the picture.  The pink-glowing buildings way in the background are the arts buildings, and beyond that is the food court and exhibit area, then the animals, and then the grandstand, so it's a very big fair.  The monorail, winding its way through the midway in this photo, is one way to comfortably view all the fairgrounds.  I never got around to riding it this year; guess that's something to put on the to do list for next year!

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caregiver said...

Oh my heavens! This fair has grown so much! Quite overwhelming I would imagine. Love this photo!