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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Klamath River Overlook

This is the third and final sunset photo in the series I started on September 28th.  It just shows the range of light color in the final hour of sunlight, I think.  This one is probably my least favorite.  I'm not liking the wide-angle view in general right now, and even though I really had to use it here, I just don't care for the effect.  Also I think the photo looks crooked.  I almost always shoot with my camera tipped a little to the left, and if there is an obvious horizon line, then I have to straighten the photo.  I did that here, but the fence post tilts to the right, and the land looks like it's heading uphill because of the angle, so the whole photo just doesn't square up to me.  This is a wide-angle problem, but I think it's really exaggerated here.  And also I was hoping for a brighter cloud color, especially given the range of color in the previous shots.  I really rushed to get up to this overlook, and I ended up not staying here very long.


Doug Hickok said...

What a gorgeous view, and beautiful mood! I love this part of the country!

bandit said...

Been shooting the rolling North Dakota prairie (amateur) and there ain't nothin' that don't look crooked!

Saw you at Greenwhich Village Daily Photo and went to your site, attracted by your JP style logo - nice work! Consistent, dedicated . . . included your link at my place.



Anonymous said...

Melissa, you have awesome photography. There is an exhibit coming up at the Sacramento Fine Art Center "Celebrating California". I think a variety of your photographs would be suitable. Check out "Sacramento Fine Art Center" and look under "call to artists". Good Luck!