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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach Glass Seeds

The town of Fort Bragg is divided on whether the glass at Glass Beach should be collected or not. Some feel it's a local treasure to be protected, while others feel that the glass brings tourism to the town. The curator at the Glass Beach Museum is in the second camp. In fact he thinks that the town should again dump its glass into the ocean. Since glass is made from sand, he considers dumping glass at the beach to be the ultimate form of recycling. At the museum you can purchase glass seeds to "plant" along the shore.  We spotted these freshly planted seeds just before the rising tide swallowed them up. 


Lynette said...

What a lovely photo. I had no idea such a place existed. Thanks!

Melissa Sean said...

Stunning! I just wished We have gone there when we had the chance. Thanks for the pretty picture! -

jelly andrews said...

Oh! That’s lovely. But I guess it is better to let them stay at the beach and just be an attraction. This is because it would take many years just to replace them.