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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Glass Beach

Throughout its early history, and in fact up to 1967, the coastal town of Fort Bragg dumped its garbage over a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.  Most of it was burned, but the remaining glass and pottery, churned by the waves, was worn smooth and collected in coves along the shoreline. On our way into town, we stopped in at the Beach Glass Museum for a bit of history on this unusual site.  Well worth the $2.00 admission, we learned what went into the large variety of colored glass that can be found along the beach, and the general use for each color of glass. It was pretty fascinating for a die-hard beachcomber like me. There must have been ten different shades of green alone! After the tour we got a map the the not-so-"secret" beach.  Too much fun for one afternoon! 

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