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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glacier National Park

So many guesses yesterday for Canada, and actually we were very close to Canada, visiting Glacier National Park in northern Montana.  Glacier National Park extends to the US-Canada border and continues in Canada as Waterton Lakes National Park. This view from Logan's Pass is looking northeast, but based on my map I don't think Canada would be visible in this photo. At an elevation of 6646 ft., the snow on Logan's Pass is still melting, and parts of our hike to the Hidden Lake overview were very snowy/slushy (those parts where behind me in this particular photo, but expect to see them in coming days)! I didn't get many vista shots on this trip, but I liked this one because it does give a larger scale view and because of the striped pattern of snow melt in the foreground.


TexWisGirl said...

such a beautiful terrain and mix of colors.

Felicia said...

Ahhhh yes. We were in Glacier one time and did not spend near enough time there. We were just on our way home. would love to go back.

barbara judge said...

Your whole series of shots at Glacier were intriguing. I've been through the park only riding through on Amtrak. Can't really appreciate the park that way -- need to get out and ramble about. Like you did. Such beautiful pictures! Every single one! -- barbara