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Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12

This is such an awesome view coming in to Olympia on the west side of town. I took this photo from a pretty low vantage point, but it was the clearest place to photograph. As you drive in on Harrison, several tiers higher than this, you can see all of Mount Rainier (when it's out!) including the foothills, and it takes up such a big space on the skyline it takes your breath away everytime you see it. It looks like it's just over the hill, but it takes almost 2 hours to drive there! This was taken after 7pm. I tried this photo last week but I was just a little too late and the sun was off the mountain. Today I think I was a little too early. I wish the sky were a darker blue.

f/22, 1/30, 120mm

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