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Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18

Foxglove. It's all over the sides of country roads around here right now. This particular location is on a steep embankment, and I thought it would be a good photo place, because the flowers point downward on the stem and they're most interesting on the underside, and because I wanted the sky in the background. So this way I could take the photo without needing to get down on the ground. But it was way trickier than I thought, because they're on a gravel embankment and I could hardly keep my footing. I had to drive home and get my tennis shoes and even then it was precarious. I wanted a wide angle again. This has been pretty common for me lately. So I'm pretty close to these flowers. I didn't really want them centered, but just to the right is a school bus up on the hill, and just to the left is a treeline, so this was really my only angle. Actually I'm glad I had to run home because the light is really great in this shot, and much better than in my first attempt.  f/22, 1/50, 18mm

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billleady said...

I love this photo!! The bright colors are really pleasant to look at and what a neat angle.