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Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9

On Friday I entered a whole other world when I attended Sakura-Con with two of my children.  Sakura-Con is an anime convention, and people usually dress up as a character from an anime, mange, or favorite video game, so most attendees were in costume.  We didn't pre-register so we had to wait in this line.  At this point we were very naive, thinking we might wait for a half hour or so.  The line wrapped around the block and then into a hotel lobby where we snaked through room after room, for hour after hour.  Five hours later we had our badges and could enter the convention!!! 


Steve Gravano said...

...but were you in a costume? Come clean now;)

Melissa said...

Ha! In fact I did wear a costume, and it turns out that very few parents do. It was fun though.