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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Table Mountain

So this is my best "big picture" shot from Table Mountain yestserday.  The colors look a little surreal, but this is really how it looked!  I was expecting wildflowers like you see along the side of the road, about knee-high.  But all these wildflowers were so tiny they didn't even come above your shoe!  So all that yellowish-orange color is actually little flowers.  The whole "table" is a big volcanic outcrop, and if you weren't walking on hard rock, then you were walking on mushy ground. Or if you weren't careful, walking in a vernal pool!  Everyone in our family ended up with at least one very wet shoe, because these pools just appear out of nowhere.  They all eventually form little streams like you can see in the green band in this photo.  And there aren't any trails to follow, you just follow the streams until you eventually end up at a waterfall (foreshadowing!)  =D


Steve Gravano said...

Awesome colors. It does look surreal.

Lynette said...

After seeing today's post, I wanted to see your other photos from your walk. Thank goodness I looked so that I could get the big picture, so to speak. Thanks!