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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Edge of the Table

So here is the edge of Table Mountain.  There was a mushy ledge trail leading down the hill, and I wish I'd taken it now so I could post a photo of the front of the waterfall.  You can see the stream in the upper right of the photo, and almost see the falls.  It was interesting, because you could still ford the stream almost right up to the edge of the falls, and then it just drops off the side of the hill.  This family was dangerously close to the edge if you want my opinion.  Just before I took this photo the little boy at the top was stumbling around.  I would not make a very good photojournalist, because I was just frozen in my tracks, willing him to catch his balance, and I'm sure that was the "decisive moment."  Thankfully they all moved safely away from edge.


---Eric--- said...

The reason this photo is really cool is because it's so dark in the background. It looks less like the edge of a mountain and more like the edge of the world.

If that boy had fallen off it would have been like a million mile fall into space. He would have plummeted straight into the lumpy abyss.

Steve Gravano said...

I agree with Eric, the black background does make it look like the edge of the world! My fear of heights has my stomach jumping just looking at that family!