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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge Redux

I've gone back to the scene of the crime to work on an old photo.  I first shot this scene when my family was here for Labor Day 2010.  You can see the original photo looking in my archives or click on the link to September 5, 2010 .  I entered it in the 2011 Yolo County Fair and it got 2nd in its section (which really bummed me out!)  During the fair there was an opportunity to view the photo gallery with one of the judges, who offered pointers on what they look for in photos, and I had a chance to ask her about this scene.  She said there were two objections to it.  1.  It was too dark under the bridge, and therefore taken at the wrong time of day/year, and 2.  One of the judges objected to the 45 mph sign, and thought it should have been photoshopped out.  

So fast forward to today.  I got up well before the crack of dawn in order to be here at sunrise when the light would be striking this side of the bridge.  Unfortunately I couldn't get exactly the same angle because of some construction, but this is pretty close.  I do think it's improved by this lighting.  I think the sky and water colors came out weaker, but early morning light doesn't offer a dark sky, and I again left the polarizer at home.  I couldn't bring myself to remove the 45 mph sign.  It was one of the things I loved about the first one.  I'd be curious to hear other opinions on that though.


Debs said...

I do like this one better :)

Anonymous said...

The sign is part of the bridge! get real. I can see why the reviewer said what they did but it is your photo and your art.