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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Montezuma Hills

Another photo from yesterday's drive to the Montezuma Hills wind farm near Rio Vista.  I would say there are three main commodities in Montezuma Hills:  wind energy, hay, and sheep.  (You can consider that foreshadowing if I decide to keep this series up for a third day.)  This was the only field where the hay is already baled.  I think it gives the photo a lot of depth, which I normally don't achieve with a landscape shot.  This one wasn't taken through my windshield, and the lack of polarization shows.  I actually have a polarizer for this lens, but I somehow left it at home, which was really stupid because clouds and sky is a classic use for polarizing.  


Debs said...

This photo is warming me up just looking at it.

And I have an unusual desire plant something now......

Lynette said...

Yes, the hay bales make this photo even better! Thanks for sharing.