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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pear Trees and Mountain Ash

These red berries are hanging from a large tree in the front yard of an orchard farmhouse, and it was the bright red berries that made me stop and take notice of this scene.  I'm sure I've photographed a pear orchard in the background; there were plenty of pears still on the yellow-leaved trees for me to figure that out.  I'm a little less sure of the Mountain Ash.  I did an internet search, and I feel like I've identified it, but if not I'll have to change my title later.  If this is Mountain Ash, then it looks like the tree will keep these berries all winter, which would be really pretty!


Lynette said...

A beautiful sight for you to photograph. I have no idea what the tree has the red berries, but it certainly makes for a fine contrast with the golden leaves in the background.

TexWisGirl said...



Like the trees no matter the name.
Thoreau misnamed many -- when he didn't know the name he gave it a name. Some early naturalists also did this. The beauty of your photograph doesn't need a name. -- barbara