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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Lake of Fine Clear Water

Here's a broader view of part of the camas field at Lacamas Park.  The entire "path" through the field happened to also be a small stream of water that leads to a waterfall a short distance from the field, so it's a muddy walk in the spring.  I read a Lewis and Clark quote about how a camas field looks like a lake from the distance, and I agree, although I don't think I captured that illusion very well with my photo.  The quote, which I'm recording second hand, appears to be from their time head back east in the Weippe (WEE-ipe) Prairie in Idaho.  I'm including the reference info, although I can't personally validate it. 

 the quawmash is now in blume at a Short distance it resemhles a lake of fine clear water, So complete is this deseption that on first Sight I could have Sworn it was water. ...
[Clark, June 12, 1806, at Weippe Prairie, Idaho]

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