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Friday, April 25, 2014


I first discovered a blue camas field back when we were living in Olympia, and it was a wonderful sight to come upon.  Camas is found throughout the region, and in fact the nearby town of Camas is named for this flower.  This particular field in Lacamas Park is in bloom right now, and maybe through next week.  I've tried to do some research on the plant, because it's historically relevant to the region.  Camas was a Native American staple.  Called quamash by the native tribes here, it also goes by the names blue camas and camas lily, and is related to the hyacinth east of the Rockies.  It has a bulb-like root, so I was imagining it to be something like an onion, especially with the purple flower, but from what I've read it is more like a potato.  I've never seen it served around here though; the fields don't seem to be all that plentiful so people tread carefully through them during the few weeks that this beautiful flower is in bloom.


TexWisGirl said...

beautiful against the fresh green!

(the blue-winged teals and green-winged teals seem to stop in during spring, hang around now and again, but not stay all summer.) :)

Alica said...

What a beautiful field of color! Blues are some of my favorite!

Gail Dixon said...

Yes indeed, the colors are delightful!! Great depth of field, too. Amazing job on this photo. :)

barbara cecelia said...

Ahh -- nice shot of the camas. I've seen it in the past, growing along old country roads -- which always reminds me of its native American history. -- barbara