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Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11

Another food photo today...

This one is from my garden though.  It's my first harvest that's big enough to make a salad with :)

I've been harvesting herbs and some tomatoes for a while now, but all of a sudden things are really taking off.  The tomatoes in the front are a Genovese heirloom.  There are also some others in there that are more pear shaped; I've lost their tag so I don't know the variety.  The pear shaped ones are tasteless and too meaty.  I'm curious about how the Genovese ones will taste!  I've been picking cherry tomatoes for a while now, but they never make it into the house; that's my gardening snack.  They are the most flavorful.  Also in the bowl is a little purple pepper, my second.  It's called amethyst.  It's thin like a poblano, but not hot.  And in the back three varieties of basil.  So that's the salad for tonight.  I've got lots a squash growing most prolific plants are butternut and spaghetti.  No pumpkins yet.  Some peperoncini and cayenne peppers, but no other bell peppers growing besides the purple ones.  Three tomatillos, and a zucchini.  No cucumbers yet either.  Also plenty of blooms on my eggplant but no little plants.  The blooms are pretty though, so I'm thinking of photogrpahing them soon.

As for the photography, it seems like most food photography in magazines has this slightly overexposed look, so that's what I went for.  It's metered on the tomatoes, so they've got the best color. I think it's f/2.8 so it blurs pretty quickly deeper in the photo.

What is that speck in the lower left hand corner?  A crumb?  It drives me nuts; it's very distracting!  But it's too late to redo...

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