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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12

It's a Black-Crowned Night-Heron!  Before today I didn't know it existed, and now I have another bird in my Pokedex.  Always a good day :)  I drove through the Yolo Basin this morning, and he was sitting in a pond right at the edge of the road, so I actually took this photo through the passenger window (rolled down).  I've got plenty of him standing and also squawking.  And some showing his demonic red eyes.  I hardly ever catch a bird taking off like this.  That's because I lack patience.  I either give up waiting for them to take off, or I somehow miss the moment it happens because I'm not looking through the view finder at that second.   This time I could tell he was about to take off and caught it...although with a little bit of lag time.  This was as quickly as I could press the shutter release.  Afterwards I remembered that I had my camera set so that if I kept the shutter release pressed, the camera would take multiple photos.  That's a setting that I regrettably never remember to use.  I also wish that he took off in a different direction.  I guess this view shows his nice little jacket.  And he's got this feather string coming off the crown of his head that you can sort of see too.

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