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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21

So it seems that gardening and photography have converged for me this week, and I'm completely helpless to change this.  I'd much rather put up a variety of photos, and yet here I am with another garden photo today.  This photo has a lot of flaws for sure.  I was just so fascinated with the light glowing through those pumpkin blossoms.  I thought they looked like Japanese latterns.  By the way, these are male blossoms :)  Not that you'd guess it with the fancy up-does they're sporting.  The female flowers are fatter at the base, where the pumpkin will form.  Also the male flowers shoot up on long stems like these and the female flowers are at ground level.  Speaking of ground level, I'm practically there with this shot!  I had lots of trouble bumping into leaves.  They're about 16 inches in diameter! 

One other comment I'll make here:  Summer 2011 is the time I got comfortable shooting in manual, and I'm very happy with the effects I can achieve.  So now I'm almost always working in manual and spot-metering on my subject, then dialing my settings to get the best exposure.  I actually can't remember what the meter showed here, but I think probably it was slightly over-exposed. 

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